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Level 5
Test and share it

Show us how you've cracked the mission, helped battle bush fires, and protected the community.

Congratulations Firestormers! Now you get to share your idea with your community and the Fire Services!
Showcase your ideas!

After all your hard work, it’d be a shame for no one to know about it!

As a team and working with your teacher, set up a showcase display with your prototype to help sell your idea to other students and teachers at your school. Think about it like a science fair! You could have videos, posters, maybe even a website for them to explore?

Maybe your teacher could even invite the local Fire Brigade?

Mission Accomplished!

You Firestormers have nailed your mission and created something that could really make a difference. But we need to know what is!

Your teacher can submit your awesome idea to the NSW Rural Fire Service and our Commissioner might even choose one to test for real. How cool would that be?!

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Well done! Level 5 complete!
It's good to have you back

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